Window Posters

Window Posters Transform Your Business into a Billboard

If your business is in a high-traffic area, your large windows should be doing more than just providing onlookers a view of the activity within. Window posters make the best use of your window glass and can be printed in a number of materials, to create the look you want for your signage.
Translucent window posters are also a subtle way to transform your vehicle windows into a moving billboard for your business. This affords greater visibility, as your advertisement will go wherever you go, and be seen wherever your vehicle is seen.
At The Big Picture, we guarantee your window posters will be printed in high-resolution graphics, using the most advanced digital printing technology. This means your posters will look sharp and clear, and colors will stay vibrant and rich for the lifespan of the product.
Common uses for window posters include:

  • Business signs
  • Advertising sales and promotions
  • Menu signage
  • Eyes-catching art and branding
  • Special events, such as camps, festivals, parades, and fundraisers
  • Public service messages
  • Inspirational messages for churches and religious organizations


Perforated Window Film (Window Perf)

This type of window poster is applied to the outside of your windows, and meant to be viewed from the outside. We provide both adhesive backed and non-adhesive backed window perf posters, which can last up to 2-3 years in outdoor weather conditions.


Cling Window Posters and Paper Posters

Cling window posters are available in both clear and white-backed vinyl. Window decal posters of all sizes can be an elegant resource for logo and brand visibility and can even be used to transform the décor of your business. Cost-effective paper posters are also available, as we have several suggested means of displaying such signs for the maximum benefit to your business.


Exceptional Customer Service and Cutting-Edge Technology

At The Big Picture, we’ve built a local reputation for providing the most professional quality printing with the personal touch of a locally owned and operated business. Our tech-savvy staff use the latest advances in digital design and printing technology to create the most beautiful posters and signage for your business or organization. We give every project the attention it deserves and go the extra mile to ensure all our customers are happy with the quality of their printed graphics. Contact our Fort Worth poster printing experts to learn more about our commitment to excellence; call us at 817-336-9852 today.


Send Us Your Art Work

If you have art you would like printed into a window poster, send us your file. When you draft your art work, please keep in mind the following specifications:

Allow a 1.5-inch margin.

We require minimum 100dpi at 100 percent size for all art work.

Bleed is not necessary.

Custom sizing is available, but we offer many standard popular sizes.

  • We accept most file formats, such as: .pdf, .eps, .tif, .jpeg, .psd, and .ai.
  • We can use files from most Microsoft an Adobe programs, as well as Quark Express.


Call Us to Discuss Your Window Posters Today!

Don’t have a design or art work to send us? No problem! We can help you design your window posters, though there may be an additional fee. For more details, call us at 1-817-336-9852 or email us at

  • Price quotes are available by phone or email.
  • We charge no set-up fees.
  • No minimums are required, but discounts are available for quantity orders.